Lamps with multiple colors : the new decor

Lighting and color go hand in hand with the lamp LivingColors an interesting product of the company Philips. While we usually think in this type of lighting devices only for their functional application in terms of lighting, may also have much to contribute in the field of decoration and color of our surroundings.

Thus, today we see a complete range of lighting products for indoor environments can create really striking and suggestive, like this lamp that provides multiple combinations of colors , with a very contemporary design as seen in the image .

On the other hand, this model lamp uses LED technology, excellent performance in terms of energy efficiency and savings. At the same time, comes in a small wide versatility. With this supplement you can enjoy a creative play of light, a unique detail that can optimize the aesthetic proposal in any room of the home.

It also lets you apply color therapy LivingColors, a trend that every day adds more followers. These changes in the color of the lighting of a space, developing different environments that are adapted to different situations and moods, enhancing harmony and peace of the inhabitants of the home.

Moreover, the lamp LivingColors includes a remote control with which you can adjust the intensity of light and lighting schedule. This means you can choose between fixed or variable colors, as part of a wide color palette consists of 250 different shades.

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