Kitsch decorating style

This decorating style is not new but is in vogue right now, is a style that was invented accidentally by the housewives of middle class, those ladies who can not mix and put in the same room with bright colored classic furniture and modern sofas, is a style that is created from stacking items and decorative accessories of all kinds over time. Without any order, without following a pattern, is to put an object on which one you like regardless or where you’re going to make it or alongside.

True Kitsch decorating style can not be achieved from one day to another is not a decoration that follow a few rules, but as has become so fashionable certain patterns are recommended to try to imitate this style of decoration.


The colors that are used in this style are bubblegum pink, blue, green and red.


Supplements for this style are: All, in general we could say it any decorative object. Tables, candlesticks, tea sets, vases, globes, pictures of sculptures, lamps, carrying photos, toys, dolls and so on. And how to combine it all at once, you can mix a culture jars with a picture of another, more modern designs with the classics. This style also relies heavily on retro and vintage accessories.


The furniture is a mix between classic and retro furniture in bright colors and curved lines and even quirky all functional and ordinary.

In short we could say that style is chaotic with no apparent order, which simply follows the rules of who decorates it with your own taste.

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