Kitchen shelves decor ideas

Have a shelf in the kitchen without doors can be a great decor idea, but it is so simple that it is aesthetically good. Let’s see some examples of how to remain an open shelf in a kitchen real. Maybe you do change your mind, but it is not our idea.

Depending on the style of your kitchen and your needs in it, you can not expose too shelves. But if you think better, could even add a subtle touch by placing lights below them small, rather pale. This will not only highlight the tools that are saved, but also add a “je ne sais quoi” to your kitchen.

You can add even more style with some things you probably have in your home, as may well be the decorative plates . If you have, you can buy one of ceramic , it is also recommended a tea of the same material. Make sure you have the prints are your thing, and that also is incorporated into the overall design and color of the kitchen. If in doubt, use a white. The dishes, and especially teacups, create an effect of “larger” open shelves.

Another item that will add beauty to your kitchen are the cups . They recommended the champagne, or wine, the important thing is that they are rather large, as those shown in the first picture of this article.

Who does not have some jars with spices in your kitchen? Well, our shelves are perfect for as long as they are not cheap plastic jars that some have hidden. Materials can be wood, metal, ceramics and glass.

The wine bottles can be incorporated as well. Not necessarily have to contain the original beverage. You can make a dark tea and place it inside. The appearance is much the same.

Another tool you can not miss in a kitchen is a source. This will not be used, but simply be there for decoration. Preferably it is etched porcelain, which is incorporated into the dishes and tea set.

Be careful not to saturate the shelves because it would remove too much enlarged effect that we achieved with the job. But anyway, it would not hurt to add one or two ceramic vases or a piece of pottery. Mainly the latter adds a touch rustic and natural to the environment, in addition to probably create a “visual i nterest” for our guests when they enter the kitchen.

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