Kitchen 2 spaces

If your kitchen is divided into 2 spaces, here are some ideas for decorating. The two areas are: the dining room and the kitchen, cooking and other equipment.

It is important to think, if you want to define these 2 areas, as there are several options for the more traditional. Desde the common door or corridor (very opaque) to the newest: applications pebbles curtains,  screens,  glass plates or plastic slides.

This is one of the best options, are affordable, there are of all colors and are recyclable.

In the dining room, think about whether you prefer the traditional round table with chairs prefer brown or innovation (in this case you have lots of options) for decor concept. In the cooking area, it comes in handy a pleasing contrast of colors, wood color inclusocon touches, which aoprtan warmth, with white furniture and black or gray top.

Even the furniture, the fun bright colors and elegant matte tones, elegant and sober. The lamp in the kitchen could be a source of blue light that helps to rest the eye.

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