Keep the parquet perfect for home decor

We would all agree that a parquet floor coating is the type most welcoming and nice that we can put in our home. Many are thrown back because of high price or they think they keep perfect as the day is going to be an impossible task. Here are some tips for you to have it bright even if they spend a hundred years for home decor.

Perhaps most importantly, stay away from all those particles that can scratch the wood, so regularly suck deformation is essential. it is worth it freguéis specialized products from time to time.

If you see a stain, eliminate immediately with a damp cloth taking care that no water flows into the wood. If this happens, Dry the surface with a blow and go.

Another great enemy of the park are the rays of sun and moisture, so help keep the curtains and just using a dehumidifier. But when the soil is damaged, turn to act. The dreaded scratches can be concealed using the wood pulp found in DIY stores. Add as a final note that a sanding and varnishing every ten years will come perfect.

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