Ideas to decorate the laundry room

Usually, the home environment is located in areas where guests can not access easily. For this reason, not being exposed decorate do not care about any other home environment. But we still have time to renovate the laundry room. Follow these suggestions to make this space has its own personality:

  1. Always choose colors. In most households, this place has limited space and for this reason, the colors will generate a sense of the wider environment. On the other hand, if you want to add a personal style, we suggest that you incorporate into the walls papered by sector.
  2. Includes shelves or cupboards with doors to store cleaning products. This way, you have everything organized and find things easily. And you can hide some appliances that are not well aesthetically to be exposed.
  3. Use jars or boxes to store items and organizing small items. For example, hooks for hanging clothes, brushes or laundry soaps. A simple idea that will be well is to paint the bottles would be in sight.
  4. Add decorative ornaments that will give a final touch: paintings, plants , vases, etc..
  5. Another important element in the decoration are the curtains you can choose from a variety of colors and prints.

You see, the laundry room also can be worn like any other room in the house. With some very easy tips to transform this environment. Start today with the renovation of the laundry room.

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