Ideas to decorate the headboard with wallpaper

In other entries I talked about making headboards with your favorite painting techniques such as stucco, genesis, etc. Florentine land. Another great idea for those who do not have a headboard is made with wallpaper.

The recommended paper is vinyl wallpaper that is washable and friction with the pillow will have to wash them often.

As for the design of the paper is obviously that you want and the same goes for the size of the headboard, a headboard can make a big or small.

What I recommend is that if you do them defining a molding wallpaper. Be better and not notice the paper cut at the end. The frame also is to your liking, but we we recommend that you put a wooden one. They are very easy to apply and can be painted according to the color of paper or the room.

Another idea to decorate the headboard of the bed is to strip wallpaper but separated by a space, as in this bedroom. And the result is fabulous.

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