Ideas for painting a room in two colors

Use different colors to decorate a room is the easiest and most advisable to create different contrasts, original rooms or modern decorations and other environments.

Well we can use the colors in accessories, details, textiles or directly on the walls. In this case we will see how to use different colors for the walls of a bedroom.

Obviously, the combinations are endless, plus everyone has their tastes, but today we show you how you can paint a room with two colors to create a serene and relaxing.

If you like dark colors and strong like dark brown, you can create stylish bedrooms, mature, calm, warm and reassuring. As such this room:

As you can see two walls are painted dark brown, but thanks to the white ceiling and other walls creates an elegant and serene combination. Touch wood furniture both on the ground and helps create a warm and welcoming.

We continue with the dark colors. In this case we will see how we can use the darkest of all, black. Not that it is highly recommended color for a room as if it does not mix well off can create environments, sad, not suitable for a bedroom.

But well combined, we can create a fantastic decoration, as in this room:

One wall is painted completely black, but white furniture, accessories and the other walls painted white, creates a beautiful contrast. And we must also look at the large amount of light entering this room, it is certainly a factor. In addition to the curtains help to filter the light creating a warm room, despite having used the black in large numbers.

Now, if we like what we have soft colors much easier to create a warm and cozy room. Set in the bedroom:

The colors of the walls are very smooth, a brown, cream combined with a very smooth and the result is a comfortable room, without a doubt the wooden furniture and floor help in a powerful way to get to the room is warm and serene.

We can also make use of other bright and cheerful colors such as purple or lilac. This color is one of the most recommended for painting relaxing. Sure to be able to combine well. As in this room:

It has been the main wall painted purple, which gives a lot of color and joy to the room but the color contrast and create a relaxing atmosphere has been added to the white walls and furniture. And with the help of wooden floor, besides being a bedroom, relaxing and gives us a lively touch of warmth.

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