Ideas for painting a room gray

Let’s see your explanation with images and ideas for a room painted gray.

Gray is a neutral color, because it can create great combinations for this color support them. Obviously depending on the shade of gray and color combine to give it to different environments.

Although it is a neutral color and blend very well with other colors, you also have to be careful because if you overuse the result can be a room off and cold like this for example.

It’s a nicely decorated room, but lack of color, we could say it is a bland and cold room.

However using the same gray and white colors and adding some brown on the bed textile accessories got a room more warm and inviting, like this:

Note that the large amount of light available to this room is essential to achieve this environment. If you do not have that source of light, the result would be totally different.

If we like the gray but we want to give it a more cheerful as we can use colors such as orange. This is one of the most successful combinations when dealing with gray because thanks to the intensity and acidity of orange to gray neutrality subtract getting a room more cheerful. As this room for example:

We can also make use of another cheerful color like pink. Depending on what shade of pink will get a room or another. For example if we chose a soft pink, the result is a serene and quiet room like this.

However if we choose a more vivid pink in the mix and add some purple, the result as you see in this room is completely different. It’s more bold and contemporary.

Another color that combines well the gray is green. The latter provides us with freshness and vitality and reduces its neutrality by creating environments more cheerful gray, as in this bedroom.

As you can see depending on what shade of gray and how you combine colors, give a result or another. We have helped to choose the color of your room.

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