Ideas for decorating the hall with wallpaper

We bring your ideas for decorating with wallpaper been very easy to make, original and without spending a lot of money to carry them out.

The wallpaper is a complement to line the walls giving a lot of play, and not only by the large number of models, colors, patterns and textures that we offer, we can play with beyond its typical placement.

Perhaps you have papered a room or living room of your house and I have left some strips of wallpaper and do not know what to do with it. Well, with these ideas are going to make excellent use and also combined with the decor of the place where you have previously put it.

If you have leftover wallpaper will have to buy a single roll for these ideas.

One of the ideas that we bring is the following. You can make a wallpaper socket at a height of three feet or less or the height you want. Simply place the paper to the same extent, and then a molding is placed just where it ends, separating the base of the wall paper. It’s a simple idea and molding the material can make you want, wood, plaster, marble, although there is a molding is easy to put on wood. With a few simple nails you can attach it to the wall and looks great.

Another idea is to make a giant box of wallpaper. It’s another simple idea to make and a budget. We measure a square the size you want and it put the wallpaper. Then you add a molding around the table and go. As you can see is very simple to make and original.

The other idea is even simpler and more original than the others, and it takes even less wallpaper. You can put paper strips separated by a distance. And to stand out the strips, the color of the wall that is one that contrasts well with the design of the paper. just below each strip of wallpaper has been put a little piece of furniture, you can put a shelf and just right in the middle is placed a mirror, which is an ideal complement to the receivers of the houses.

We hope you have inspired these three ideas to decorate your home entrance hall.

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