Ideas for decorating small rooms

Decorating your home can be a fun experience, you can take your favorite colors, style of furniture and decorative accessories perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere without the need for a large space.

small living room decor

In this small room does not even need spare any details, parquet color matches perfectly with the yellow wall, which gives it a modern twist and illuminates the room without problems. Wood trim to match the tone of the parquet as furniture with compartments holding the TV unify the overall decor of the room and white furniture providing the space to relax with a glass coffee table modern design.

small interior decor

In this room the white color of the walls creates the feeling of space necessary to give elegance to this set of modular furniture, cushions orange and yellow are perfect to spice up the decor, and 2 striped rugs placed together with colors both basic and bold design coffee table modern square shape is the detail that complete the decor.

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