Ideas for decorating bedrooms with various styles

Every home is different, and every person the same. So each person needs in your home your own style. Rustico, avant-garde, classical, colorful, relaxing, and so on.

No matter what it is, in fact, although we each have our favorite decorating style within that style, all look the same, that is current.

So today we bring you a bedroom with different styles, but they all have in common that they are current and contemporary.

The first bedroom is avant-garde style, with straight lines in furniture, chrome chair legs, table and bed, an abstract painting and neutral colors in the decor. The touch of sparkle and color is provided by the carpet, cushions and chair in a deep red that give the room a contemporary touch.

The next bedroom is a classic style. A very modern classic style. Earth tones predominate in the decor, both in textiles and painting the walls and ceiling. What gives the room a warm and welcoming touch. To give the classic touch handle dark wood furniture with curved lines, which makes a lovely contrast with the rest of the decor and the candlestick and frame of the headboard of the bed, bring a touch of silver to the lace ends to This elegant classical style.

This one bedroom is rustic. The colored wood furniture in aging, and earth-colored wall that evokes memories of the colors of the rustic countryside and are the most important details to give this room an air of rustic. The old brick wall and much help has been a great decorative idea. The touch current is given by the smooth walls, it seems a minor detail, but the fact that the walls are smooth and not rough or some technique of aging is what gives this bedroom the modern touch, along with straight lines that run across the room from the furniture, boxes, frames, window wells, etc.

This one bedroom is minimalist. This style, along with the style vanguard of course, are the latest to be found. If your decor is based on this style, the modern and contemporary, are already included in both simple furniture, such as colors. Even if there is a color that stands out and give us a modern, is red.

That’s what’s wrong with this bedroom. The style is minimalist, with its sparsely furnished and the almost total absence of decorative elements, essential to this style of decoration. But the red color on the wall and the bed, give it a more today.

We have seen four completely different styles of decoration, but as you see in some detail, all of which might give that modern touch, modern and contemporary looks that much nowadays when decorating.

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Albers, Superdecors, Trend-dir & Shopgenau

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