How to remove wallpaper for home decoration

Remove the paper painted our walls is something that can be difficult. If you put it as a difficult task, this may be even more. But what better to remove it yourself and save some money for this task.

Here we detail some techniques to make this task less arduous as possible. We lose nothing by trying, is not it?

  • Stripping steam: is a power tool comprising a circular base that is deposited in the hot water and a rectangular shield charge to expel the vapor on the wall. The idea is to place the shield on the bottom of the paper strip for a few seconds to reactivate the glue and soften the wall to start the strip with the spatula.
  • Temple: dissolved in water and applied to the wall with a sponge or roller, this product will help dissolve the glue applied. You leave it on for a few minutes.
  • Detergent and warm water: is a very similar to the above to soften the walls, then you should just make the mix, apply and leave a few minutes until softened and allowed to be removed from the wall.

There is also the option to remove the dry paper with a spatula, but that’s the technique that seems more complicated and requires more patience.

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