How to paint a modern house

Many of you ask us moderates like painting a house, but of course keeping in mind that everyone has their own tastes, is a question difficult to answer. But there are certain suggestions or tips that work for all who want a modern house.

What you need to make clear that only with the paint not going to get a house is modern. It is true that painting is a key element in the decor to make any environment whether you want modern, classic, rustic … but we can not only use the paint to get a modern home.

For a current home, in addition to making use of paint, we also have to use some furniture and accessories for decoration.

Let’s start with painting and wall decoration.

Currently what is setting trends for lining walls are smooth , wallpaper and vinyl and the combination thereof.

We can use a wall to wallpaper a room in the house and all the other walls painted a complementary color to the paper. In this way we decorated accordingly, in harmony and current.

If you prefer vinyl, the same choice as the site where you posted are key. We must choose carefully to get what we want, a modern house.

If we want to paint smooth, it is advisable to use several colors. To do this it is best to use one darker than the other, and use the dark color in small doses. For example, a wall of a room or a room painted a dark color and the lighter color on the other walls.


The furniture is after covering walls, the most important thing to keep in mind to get a modern decor. Today’s furniture lines are simple, either straight or curved but simple lines and simple.

The furniture with chrome finish, steel or aluminum provide a very modern touch, however the wood can make the house look more rustic. If you choose the wood, you should choose one that will not notice much grain or dark woods like wenge.


After choosing either take the form of walls, choosing the right furniture, the following are the decorative or nuances. To find out which supplements will help us have a modern house, we just have to set in the homes of our grandparents or mothers who are full of decorative objects where you look.

To get a house with a modern design, better to choose a few simple accessories that bring a lot of decoration, which fills the entire home.

And last but not least textiles.

It is advisable to avoid the patterns and start using plain fabrics. Use curtains or blinds plain unprinted.

Here are some basic tips to get a modern home, this will obviously likes and what for some can be a great idea for others is a disaster. But these tips can say that is standard to get a current home.

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