How to maximize space in the kitchen

The distribution of space in the kitchen is essential to increase its functionality. When we distribute the furniture to take into account the practicality above all in terms of the main activities performed in this environment that is the preparation of food.

There are three main areas in the kitchen: the preparation of food, washing and storage. Of these, the more space it requires is the food preparation, that is where they prepare and cook food. Storage, on the other hand, is less space required can be reduced to a large plate.

Comfort is the main virtue of a kitchen, it is desirable to avoid unnecessary frills in the kitchen, especially in the kitchens of much use. Perhaps more suited to those kitchens that are occasionally used.

The materials are important in every kitchen should be sturdy and easy to clean, also appreciate those who bring light to the environment.

Some tips to maximize space:

  • The traditional kitchen tables large, where the whole family gathered for breakfast or lunch, have given way to the folding tables, attached to cabinets or countertop, that after being used, can be removed to leave the free zone.
  • The chairs were replaced by banks and smaller stools, which are stored under the table by releasing the transit zone. Similarly, the designers have created small size chairs to minimize the space occupied by the seats. Other options include stackable chairs and folding.
  • Another solution to save space in the kitchen is installing furniture custom made, they are more expensive, but allow us to maximize space and use certain areas may have special characteristics that would otherwise be useless.
  • A more promising distributions in the kitchen is the perimeter, leaving the central area for circulation. Also the distribution of L is very liberating space.
  • Also important to release the visual space, the accumulation of objects is a way to stay look smaller. The use of glass doors on cabinets helps to increase the visual range. Also achieve this effect by replacing one of the walls of a brick wall of glass doors or glass doors.
  • The white lacquered furniture, manage to increase the brightness and give greater feeling of spaciousness.
  • Install shelves on the top allows us to use the space to locate kitchen utensils, spice racks and other items. We can also hang pots and buckets on these shelves.
  • Revolving trays allow us to install furniture corner and use the space as important in the kitchen.
  • In short, the kitchen should have a place for each item, have the most widely used tools on hand and free of unnecessary objects.
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