How-To, Make a Batmobile for Your Toddler!

Sure, your kid has a cute plastic car with a roof, tires and a steering wheel. But then, so does every other little kid on the block. Think how amazing a Batmobile will be instead!

01-batmobile_01Step 1

What you need:
  1. Clean kid’s plastic car
  2. Drop Cloth
  3. Screwdriver for prying, needle nose and regular pliers, hammer
  4. Plastic gloves
  5. Safety glasses
  6. Large pieces of cardboard to place pieces on to dry
  7. 1 can yellow spray paint
  8. 3 cans gloss black spray paint
  9. long bench to hold parts during painting
  10. 4- 8 heavy rocks or bricks to secure cardboard and drop cloth

Helpful Hints

  • Wear work clothes that you can throw out when done.
  • Never use spray paint on a windy day
  • But if you must do this on a windy day, work near a fence to block wind (but not inside anywhere with poor ventilation)

02-batmobile_01Step 2

Place the drop cloth on the ground, anchoring the corners. As you can see, it is inconvenient to make a Batmobile when the car is assembled. It takes longer to complete the job. You want to cover hard-to reach spots so the results are perfect!

03-batmobile_01Step 3

This is an example of how the car becomes a black and yellow limited edition model. There is a better way to paint the car than tackling one side at a time and flipping it over, up and down to cover all areas. Disassemble the car first.

04-batmobile_01Step 4

Spray yellow paint to cover:

  1. the side panel on each door.
  2. the inside edge of the four pillars holding the roof.
  3. the outside of each rim.
  4. the horn button on the steering wheel.
  5. the rounded area on the back featuring the manufacturer’s logo and license plate holder section.

Spray black paint to cover:

  1. Seats
  2. Floor board
  3. Roof
  4. Undercarriage

Set aside to dry. Let the yellow painted pieces dry on a separate cloth or board than the black ones. That keeps paint from exchanging, resulting in a redo.

05-batmobile_01Step 5

Put a drop cloth or equivalent to protect the surface you are working on. When you disassemble the plastic car, put the pieces in order so that it’s easy to put back together.

06-batmobile_01Step 6

Use black spray paint to cover the back part sporting the manufacturer’s logo. Let dry.  Use the black spray paint to cover the other 3 sides of each window pillar, taking care not to break the smooth line of the yellow edge.

07-batmobile_01Step 7

For this step a custom printed decal from a local print shop will work nicely. Do not throw away the decal laminate coating (it is needed for steps 9 / 10)

Centre the decal on the driver’s side door so that the top and bottom fit between the borders. The sides should be equally distributed on each side. Spray the black paint across the entire door. Let dry and remove the laminate coating carefully.

08-batmobile_01Step 8

The decal protected the yellow paint (while the door was painted black) and when peeled off, leaves the logo perfectly centred. This step is the inspiration to complete the project, as the door looks incredible.

09-batmobile_01Step 9

Use the decal laminate coating peeled off in step #7 as a stencil for steps 9 / 10. Centre the decal laminate pattern edging from step 7 on the passenger door so that the top and bottom fit between the border and the outline is centred.

10-batmobile_01Step 10

Hold the back part of the pattern away from the body so that it angles towards the front part of the door. Spray the entire panel with black paint. Remove the edging to duplicate the same result shown in Step #8.

11-batmobile_01Step 11

Place the wheels on a board, drop cloth or newspaper. Paint the rim exterior yellow.  Let dry.

12-batmobile_01Step 12

Remove the tires from the rims. Place one over a small cone to keep it raised during painting.

13-batmobile_01Step 13

Spray each tire completely with the glossy black spray. Let dry.

14-batmobile_01Step 14

If done right, the wheels should look like this.

15-batmobile_01Step 15

Reassemble the car. It is almost ready for action.

16-batmobile_01Step 16

Here’s a shot of the driver’s side.

17-batmobile_01Step 17

The passenger door shows off the smaller logo.

18-batmobile_01Step 18

Use the reduced cutout to make a plastic template to place on the back panel’s yellow oval.

Spray the area with black paint. Let dry and remove the template to show off the mini-bat logo.

19-batmobile_01Step 19

Invite the proud owner to take a seat and give it a try.

Step 20

Yes! Doors shut fine.

21-batmobile_01Step 21

Still plenty of room.

22-batmobile_01Step 22

Looking good, front and back.

23-batmobile_01Step 23

This kid’s reaction in this frame is adorable.

24-batmobile_01Step 24

Another completed priceless project, you can brag to your friends about.

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