How to decorate your holiday home?

A summer house is really like a dream. We spent a relatively short time in it, but it is the best of the year: summer vacation. So everything has to be perfect, pampered decor is important, both at home frequently, such as in the summer.

If your summer cottage has a porch, you can not miss the opportunity to put a living room, ideal for lunch or dinner al fresco. With a table, a nice lamp and a sofa bed beside the pool, serves. On the other side of the garden, singular, we will place a table and wicker chairs upholstered in white.

The whole house is interestingly decorated with fresh colors, white, blue, green but with a warm touch to find the chromatic harmony. In the kitchen, large windows you can place o be a continuous flow of light and a breath of air. A direct light, filtered by a cool shade, a white point, which also gives a romantic touch.

As in the living or dining room, I recommend you put a sliding glass blue, cool the atmosphere and shade the sun. In addition to saving energy and curtains, it is certainly a good choice to opt for chrome glass.

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