How to decorate with books

Reading is one of the great pleasures of life for many people. Culture, art and science come together in a simple and affordable for everyone. But why not decorate our home with them?

Well, today we will show you the decorative function of books in your home.

There are several ways you can save and store the books in our home. The truth is that with any of them we can take into account the decor of the home and make them our allies.

We can place them on shelves, bookcases, on furniture or create some kind of stand or rack with them.

In the case of shelves, some of those thick books you’ve read and have no intention of re-reading can turn them into perfect shelves or racks recycled to the walls of your home.

Just attach the backs of individuals that have with the metal supports in the form of ‘L’ and then set them on the wall.

For the shelves, the mere fact of seeing them full of books gives a familiar, cozy and warm is the most decorative. You can choose them in simple shapes, original, high, low, wide or narrow. The multiplicity of colors, shapes, sizes and designs combined on the large wall surface will they take part of the role of stay.

We can also put on the coffee tables of the room, on nightstands or tables set up with them or supports for the reading corner or home offices. The possibilities with them are many and imagination to create with them is boundless.

Another of the tips that you can consider is to order your books by color, size, or authors or topics. So now to the phrase “knowledge does not take place” also added “and decorate my home.”

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