How to decorate a bedroom to sleep well

In a bedroom, its main function is to sleep and rest, and all external factors such as light, color, position of the bed, temperature etc, directly affect our rest. Therefore I want to give some tips for your bedroom decor so that they can sleep soundly.

The largest bedroom is the bed, and equally important is the bed, what is its location, placing the bed in one place or another is critical to getting a good rest.

The ideal location of a bed is to put the headboard against a wall from the bed and you can see the door and windows but never in front, doors and windows have to be on one side of the bed.

Never place the bed on a wall in which the other side has such an appliance or a TV. If you do not have to, insulate the wall.

Having everything organized and well clear

If you have a messy room and piled all our produce stress. It is important to respect the halls and around the bed to leave at least 70cm and nothing is entered in that space.

If you choose a sofa can have it all collected, without being cluttered room, occupying the same space as a bed.

Choose soft colors

We have already discussed above, the choice of color is very important and although some of us like the strong colors and loud if you want a room to sleep well, the best are the soft colors.

Regular lighting

The bedroom has to be well lit but not exceed, the best are the dimmers, you can install in place of standard switches. And never put light just above the bed.

Where to put the TV

Today we all have TV in the bedroom and while this is a mistake for the bedroom should be a place to sleep and rest exclusively, we also like to watch TV from bed.

Ideally you would have the TV in a cabinet with doors and if not we are seeing close the doors and turn off the TV.

Things to avoid in a bedroom

Mirrors opposite the bed

Lights above the bed

Inadequate temperature

Strong odors

And especially not having electrical, simply with a mobile charger, electromagnetic waves interfere with your sleep.

It is well known that many people a headache during the day and is due simply to leave the phone on the nightstand. And surprisingly eliminate this habit, their headaches disappear.

If only a cell phone charger affect our sleep gets that way, imagine a computer or other electrical device greater.

This is important for a good rest, avoid electrical appliances.

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