How to decor curtain? – The concept to curtain decor

Let’s see now some possibilities we can offer decorative curtains, textile can be very interesting at ornamental in many home environments. Maybe you can implement some of these tips and ideas.

For example, smaller curtains are great in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors and windows guys and rustic styles. Moreover, the curtains are perfect in larger kitchens and living rooms. It is ideal to drop them to the ground, even crawling a few inches.

Most interesting are judicious and harmonious combination of different kinds of curtains styles in a window. Another idea is to place a rail or rod wider than the window (about 20 centimeters) to open the curtain that it does not cover the window, looking even bigger.

In settings that allow it, you can use curtains in original colors and textures. At present, we can find a variety of textures and patterns, which can combine colors such as lime green, purple and orange soft, both in upholstery and curtains. The result is a fresh and youthful atmosphere.

Obviously, a key measure is that the curtains, upholstery and other textile accessories harmonize perfectly, thus achieving a balanced space from aesthetics. In addition, the curtains can also be used to separate areas, for example with the help of eastern panels. As we can see, there is ample scope to transform the important decorative curtains concept and style at home.

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