How to choose the correct hood

Although beyond the functional sense sometimes do not know to the prominence it deserves, the hood is one of the most important elements of cooking both practical and decorative.

kitchen hood design

In the first case this is due to how useful but decorative level should be integrated as part of the decoration. Here are some tips for you.

Dimensions of the kitchen will be crucial to choose the type of decorative standard hood, and it is not the same as having small kitchens that need flat or removable bells in the larger central island is recommended to place a Large hanging from the ceiling.

kitchen decoration

Dimensions of the Bell: To absorb you must have an area at least as wide as the cooking zone.

excellent kitchen hood design

Power: Both spend a lot of walking as sin can have negative effects, and that either can not fulfill its function objectively or too much noise will be of greater capacity.

Design: Some are hidden behind furniture, flat, in view of stainless steel, glass or composite.

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