Hanging pictures harmonically

The pictures are an excellent option when decorating the walls of our environments. If we look a little history, in the ancestor customs as to hang the pictures was very different from today, were guided by strict rules not to fall into improvisation, which in those days looked very bad.

Gradually these rules were obsolete, and in modern times became obsolete. For what is mainly governed today is to find the good taste, originality and above all to lie to the naturally without relying on any kind of guidelines.

Hanging pictures tips

The bottom line is that you like to you, but just some tips you could use not for you to consider. So put to work into play and imagination and creativity.

It is desirable that large pictures are preferably in a vacuum, because this way they will look again, and this is highlighted by its size in those parts of the house.

For more pictures medium, it is advantageous to be clearly provided to the whole space, and have good lighting. To do this, it is advisable that the height of the base not be less than 1.5 meters above the ground. In this way, you get the picture take more presence and unique look.

If you want to hang several pictures on a wall, it is recommended they are placed so that their sizes are interleaved, so that it is harmonious whole. And if we have a big picture and smaller, it is best to locate the largest in the center and the rest around it. This will not occur stacking effect, which would be visually unpleasant.

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