Green Bathroom Decor

Painting the bathroom is a decision which if taken in a hurry because can result in unwanted results, so it’s best to first focus on the color you want and then look for different possibilities for the same, showing shades and combinations fit. For this reason is that today we will focus on bathrooms green, to assess the potential of this fantastic color in your bathroom decor.

The meanings are very broad green according to culture, although most agree that the classic green is associated with nature and relaxation. However, the vast majority of examples outlined below, avoid the single color, mixed mainly white, but also with other colors, like purple, black, red and of course, their own colors.

Generally the best option is in green paint walls, floors and ceiling white and then accessories such as towels also in green. But if the predominance of green is greater, and includes furniture such as shelves, sinks and tub, because then you can choose sets of towels in red or purple.

One of the most important details to see in the following selection of photos, is that not only the modern bathrooms have the luxury of using this color, but the classic, minimalist and artistic, so do so indifferent, getting all results very attractive, fresh, but also welcoming.

It is worthwhile to note that the best decoration for these baths will always be an indoor plant, how long have beautiful flowers in season.

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