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Elegant, fun, bright and above all sensual and very latest trends arrive fresh out already on the market. put the season of gray and silver, but also have their special place citrus, purple and gold.

Zen: The wonder of beauty that becomes more evident in the latest lamps created based on this Eastern philosophy.

You raise or lower ?: Fever of design and customization up to such an extent that you create panels to decorate elevators. A good way to cheer the sight in the morning or night.

Good morning: I bet you hate the buzz of your alarm clock in the morning, that digs into your eardrum. For to us a little more bearable in the mornings, the best design firms have created a clock very “cool” is radio-cd-clock. Best to get rid of the typical sound, its aesthetic appeal and fun.

Gold: If you like the neo-Baroque look, you can not run out the latest trends in decorative objects of gold. Giant sinuous trunks that give a great touch of sophistication to your room. Going for gold metal lamps, where design and elegance come together creating beauty.

Sofas and armchairs: The latest models of sofas and chairs, have an air of “retro” or futuristic style good for decor your home, no compromises. Choose it sinuous shapes and sizes XXL and upholstered in purple velvet, a delight. In armchairs upholstered in bets on wool, fur or feathers and let yourself be caressed.

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