Garden: Zen style design concept

Home decor concept also includes the outdoors, that there is no doubt. It is important to note that in many cases spent much of our time in the garden , especially when weather conditions allow it, and also tends to be one of the sites that visitors always want to know. Therefore, it is a space that we can not ignore decoratively speaking.

One possibility ornamental garden in the Zen style. This is a concept of outer space originated in Japan, and that therefore has all the characteristics of oriental culture and idiosyncrasies, which both have to learn the West in many areas.

The aim of such gardens is to convey harmony and balance, considering the sand, water and stone as building blocks. Also played with candles and lamps, and stimulate creativity in terms of textures, colors and shapes. Usually, the moss is one of the most used plant species in these gardens.

To imagine a Zen design for our garden style we see in the image, the stone should become a key element. The stones are vital as well as their shape and placement, assisting in the creation of specific spaces and different perspectives. For the Zen culture, the stones represent different moments and life experiences.

Additional elements that will never be able to miss the water, which we incorporate by ponds and fountains to symbolize the constant movement, the incessant flow of things, and sand, which brings serenity and be part of roads and concrete spaces.

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