French Kitchen Decor Ideas

When it comes to cooking French style, generally do not think we can put in only part of the decorations and furniture, since the essence of this style lies in the depths of the French countryside, where the kitchens of houses countryside or small towns, exude an air of charm, which is providing not only furniture, but an architectural composition that is not found in modern buildings.

Irregular stone walls, arches in the ceiling, wooden beams as wide as yourself and windows with wrought iron railings, are just some of the first things that distinguish the segment.

Then we give way to antique furniture, these themselves, they can get and recover, to try to approach a kitchen like that. They are of wood and feature worked the natural varnish or often with light green and soft, even a little off, and with a touch of old.

The tiles, already airs Spanish, are also widely used in French kitchens as well as metal design faucets and lighting fixtures antique wrought iron.

The environment consists of decorations that refer to the field, while also very common to place pans hanging, with a more mundane way of having the kitchen, less orderly, more natural.

Finally, a trend very attractive, is the great glass containers, where they put the noodles, cereals, flour, sugar and all sorts of ingredients, which were visible and that alone, decorating the space.

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