Feng Shui in the Office decor

Often the office environment is stressful for the simple fact that the work succeeds in that state, quite often, a few. That’s why we thought we should provide some basic rules of Feng Shui when designing or decorate the office, no matter who is in a room with more people, or a small space at home.

Thereby achieve the perfect balance of the elements of the room and therefore, according to 3,000 years of experience in this culture, a perfect harmony of those in it are.

To begin to take advantage of natural light. The windows must let in light and this should be seen by you as well as the landscape in sight, not this ever back to her. If you can not do this, we recommend placing mirrors so that the light and landscape as you can see them.

You probably work at a desk, this is the most important in their space, which must point to the door, by which people come, never back.

You need a good flow of energy and for that you need space. Then look to get rid of everything that is not essential, especially when the space is small.

It is advisable to place a bowl or a plant next to the door, as this improves the ch’i energy.

Your desk should be the center of a triangle formed by the chair and two chairs facing it on the opposite side. The same may be small rocks and bamboo decorations.

If you can have music, it’s best to get the disks that have recorded the sounds of the various phenomena of nature: birdsong, storms, wind, beaches, among others.

Finally, if you are in a position to choose the colors of the walls, try to focus on colors like yellow, green, blue and red in certain cases.

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