Feng shui in the bedroom

Rest it is very important to pay the next day for good health and good mood. To do this you must have a proper bedroom, tidy and in which we feel comfortable.

The Feng Shui, an ancient system of aesthetics of Chinese origin, can give us the keys to a harmonious bedroom, comfortable and perfect for relaxation for bedroom decoration.

The first thing to consider is the position of the bed. It is advisable to place it on the far wall of the entrance door to the bedroom. It is also important that the bed has a headboard . The headboard symbolizes our stability.

The mirrors are another item to look in our bedroom: they have to be focused on the bed. It is said that a mirror must be placed in the place that offers a better reflection of ourselves. This can be next to or inside the closet, or toilet.

Avoid having objects that remind us of our work or to do items, such as invoices, computer or even a bike. To create a peaceful environment is better to place photographs bring us good memories, some flowers or a plant by the window.

The most suitable colors are pastel, avoiding ranges colder. And natural light should be abundant.

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