Female youth bedroom decor layouts

In the same way that we referred recently to the bedrooms of children, it is now turn of the girls. Continuing with this fantastic collection of PB teen, as already clarified that a U.S. company, but in their website offers shipping options for international purchases. Here are some female youth bedroom decor layouts.

The collection works much the supremacy of the white, dotted with other colors like blue, light blue, lilac, violet, pink, turquoise and some other color sporadic. The cabinets also maintain the trend of white, but complemented with storage boxes wood tones, to help give more contrast and warmth to the space. the blankets on the bed are for the vast majority with floral designs idea, sea and striped.

The themes for girls focus on nature, environment, peace, water sports, adventure, horses, science, among others that will show you the selection of photos above.

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