Expanding the kitchen

Expanding the kitchen

From creating an office to install a sliding door. Here are some resources to gain distance in the motor center of the house.

  • Join 2 rooms annexing an adjoining room to the kitchen is the most practical way to multiply metros. make a partition leaves a free passage to natural light and airy spaces involved, and reliefs. Unify style similar decorative materials and shades will enhance the unique sense of space.
  • Install a sliding door: One of the most easy to win real meters, a minimum of 1 square meter. The slides can go to view or guides, embedded in a wall, which clears further, both sides of the door.
  • Integrate the office: If you do not want to give up an office in the kitchen, a very practical option that remains is to extend the top meter or use part of it to this use. Need, yes some high stools.

Some details to keep in mind:

  • On floor size XL triumphs, has fewer joints and therefore creates more continuity. The natural clay, the iroko parquet and floor tiles are the most popular options at the same time, the latest trends.
  • Whether you choose the fold as the slides, you can choose from a variety of them. The first is to choose if you prefer wood or glass (this can be opaque or translucent). The plastic is also imposed this season, although the latter are screen-printed glass slides.
  • Stainless steel is booming, apart from their resistance gives it a very industrial. The granite and limestone have a bridge strong texture with which disbanded steel.
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