Doors for home decor

It is the main entrance, the most important because it reflects the style of your home both outside and inside. Everything depends on the style and how you want it to look home. When buying patterns and trends there are a number of doors, this time to show you two different models. One is completely new and the other is simple and modern.

The first door combines wood and glass. In this model rectangular glass door placed in vertical strips. Design is simple yet modern. This design is perfect to give greater clarity to the house because the light from the street is reflected by the glass. Furthermore, it allows seeing the reflection of the person who knocks on our door. It can be painted with lacquer lighter or darker, depending on the particular election. What we see here is the inside of the door.

The latest design is for homes with a very particular style. If you decide to remodel your door with something unusual, this example is indicated. This door has etched designs in modern curved, wavy and spirals. The color orange is also innovative and unique. Undoubtedly, this design does not normally see.

Tips for choosing

Besides the design, you must take into account the material of the door, as there are several alternatives: aluminum doors, fiberglass doors, steel doors and doors of wood solid.

Wood doors are less expensive than fiberglass, and provide a warm and traditional. Although it requires greater care, because you will varnish it every year to protect it from inclement weather.

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