Doors and window decor

Change the decor of our home is a good idea to bring a different feel to every home environment. Usually, whenever remodel or replace a space, there are some details that are not taken into account. For example, door handles and windows.

If you want to make a transformation in full in every place, pay attention to these ideas to help you.

To restore the general condition and appearance of each item, just simply apply various techniques DIY, no need to buy everything new. This way, you will have your house completely renovated.

Handles like new

To your door shiny look on a budget, you must make the handles have the same style as the door in general.

In turn, if you want to highlight their presence and that differ from the rest of the door, you have contrasting colors between the knobs and the finish of the doors. The finish of the knobs will serve to apply a classical model of door or bring some light to a dark door.

Cabinets that look good

If you have an inherited your grandmother’s furniture and want to modernize and transform your style, simply sand the bottom and wallpaper. If you prefer, you can paint the background with a colored paint.

As for the role, the pattern looks good on flowers or geometric designs. It is important that the chosen tone contrasts with the color of the furniture. The handles and the windows are small details that make a difference, and provide leadership in the decoration.

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