Different finishes for the parquet

Elegant, traditional and modern at the same time, the parquet floor is characterized by using wood as a key element to cover the entire surface.

Although it is traditional and cozy family homes, this type of soil can buy different styles depending on the finishes that give the wood.

Natural wood: are those made ??of solid wood and multilayer, the most senior and also the most expensive on the market. Some finishes to choose from are:

  • No deal : the finish is much more natural, which is decoratively appreciated. However, this may require some care parquet closer and more special.
  • Coating : Bright, modern look, this type of parquet can highlight the wood grain. It is more resistant than untreated parquet.
  • Oil : is a more aesthetic finish it, especially because it qualifies the wood and gives a soft and silky.
parquet laminates

Laminates: non-natural wood but are made ??from materials derived from pressed together. Still, the results are truly natural and offer a great resistance to wear, impact and stains.

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