Desktop Decoration

The home office need not be relegated to a corner, no one feels inspired and eager to sit down to work at a desk cluttered and uncomfortable. Creating a pleasant work environment either at home or in your office is essential. Here are some good ideas for creating a functional space and also well decorated, it makes you want to look.

In these examples it has been a very different effect simply by choosing a good wallpaper, and combining the rest of the objects following the pattern that gives the range of colors of the wallpaper.

Your desktop may well be in the middle of the room if you can integrate with the rest of the decor. In this case there is no room for clutter, you must be perfect as this.

Clear work surfaces and plenty of room for storage, are a priority to work comfortably and efficiently.

You can create a stylish space with some details like this vintage, great order and good lighting.

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