Decoration style couches at home

Partner of psychoanalysis, the couch became widespread in the West in the Age of Romanticism, back in the eighteenth century, carving great popularity among nobility and bourgeoisie. However, the relationship that turned on the couches glamorous element would be the use thereof by the supporters of Sigmund Freud would use for the facilities to be paid for the patient had no visual contact with the doctor. Currently, the couches have gained popularity for being part of fetishism in the new trends. However, when choosing the style sofas that fit the home décor presents certain problems, easy to remove if you know choose adapting personal style.

Types of couches at home:

Home decorating inevitably involves sifting through the choice of style. In the case of the sofas can happen that a given environment appears to hinder the ability to add style couches without being tacky or outdated. So today, we will find designs that can adapt to a house with a touch or retro hippie, or a minimalist style, the classic pine furniture and parquet.

At first, you must correctly define which of the identified best home styles. For building floors be easily determined by your wood furniture bright or dim, white curtains or play with a discreet chair, door, also of wood, parquet and realistic pictures of nature or manners.

However, if the environment is full of shapes and colors, mattress covers exotic Indian sculptures, tapestries, candles and other complementary furnishings, of course we are facing the hippie style. A variant of this, because sometimes converge – is the retro style in which past elements (clocks, telephones, etc) Combined with “art world”. A final home decorating style would be minimal, influenced by contemporary art and, specifically, on the conceptual. A home like this type of open spaces, mono chrome, with sharp contrasts, angular lines and a shortage of decorative elements because it is based, by far, in a vacuum.

Sofas with minimalist style:

Straight lines, angular structure, solid colors and absolute lack of decorative elements, so minimalism. Its popularity is based on the freedom that comes when choosing the color of the walls or curtains because in this style, the furniture become mere spectators of the true protagonist decorative, the colors and contrasts, pictures protagonists, the curtains modern style and cutting edge. As you can see in the picture above the space is completely covered with deep tones and high contrast. Sofas like this have their own style, comfort and are discrete minimalist decorations.

Home Decorating classic style – modern:

The couches of such households will be marked mainly by the complementarity of the rest of the furniture and the new addition. A good option is to add a dark type of leather that p ou can be charming shed covered with a blanket of earth tones or other accessories such as cushions to brown shades also balancing between home basic and elected couch.

You can also use the couches really classic like the following with clear baroque style.

Sofas for hippie style – retro:

A warm and family are often the hallmark of this type of spaces that abound detail, memories and cover walls, floors, sofas and beds. In a way, these homes are “trimmed” and protected against any threat, so it seems when you go into one of them. Unlike can occur with minimal type in these spaces are not contrasts since, in many cases, the walls have strident tones or wallpaper (retro aspect in particular) coupled with an equally furniture recharged.

In the same line can also include a loveseat included within the category of stylish retro couches – hippie that fit perfectly in home decor like this.

However, the important thing when decorating is not the what but the where is decorated. The language of each key decoration which will be more suitable couch for a house or another. What is certain is that the couch is an ideal in an office as an element of relaxation in the lounge or in a large room, especially in two heights.

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