Decorating with Oriental rugs

Who has not admired the design of carpets oriental furniture combined with modern and elegant for decor idea? The contrast between old and new, traditional and contemporary, are factors that trap more than one, resulting in a “jolt” visual that would not exist in a sleek, modern room if no carpet on your floor.

In addition to design elements in the pattern, texture and color, an Oriental rug can provide a modern room the feeling of depth and history. But unfortunately not all Oriental rugs are incorporated well to modern environments. Fortunately there are some tricks that can be used to choose the right kind of carpet:

There are dozens of types of oriental carpets out there, but they seem to combine the best in a modern room are those of the tribal type, such as Hamedan Persian rugs or Shiraz , featuring bold geometric designs and colors.

The brightly colored carpets may be particularly great in modern environments, where there is clean lines and less clutter. These carpets come to occupy a central place as a design element in the room. It is an easy option and colorful decor.

Oriental carpets seem to be incorporated well with walls containing works of art. Look for a rug that complements these works, rather than compete with them. If you have a bold and exuberant work, you may find a carpet rather simple, with little contrast in their pattern.

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