Decorating the hall

There is a place that strikes us at first sight: that is the receiver. Without a doubt, is the one that defines the appearance of our other environments.

So, if the hall is alluring to visitors, therefore you catch the style of the house. But we have to find a fair balance in the range between it and the rest of the rooms of the house. To specify even better if the house is very large it is desirable to be small and comfortable, and if it is tiny it is preferable that the receiver give the impression of greater amplitude.

Decorating the hall

When adding any detail, it should always look for a style that suits the whole. It is important not to go overboard, looking to hit the key and to harmonize. For example, placing a chair would be great with upholstery that matches the furniture in the main room.

Another detail that would invite us to give breadth to this area of the house is a wall mirror. You can also join a table or a shelf, containing some decorations: vases, candlesticks, books or other decorative accessories to consider, which in turn will bring life and distinction.

For even greater spaciousness and light to the waiting room, a lamp can be a very good idea. Not only because full of warmth, but because it provides excellence. This lamp can be up and placed in a corner. Finally, a painting on the wall would give a certain prestige concept.

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