Decorate your kitchen with a mini herb garden

Ever wanted to grow your own herbs but your problem is lack of space, you have no excuses, this solution is ideal, since it takes no room and the main thing is that they receive plenty of light and ventilation. This cute mini garden is super easy to do, so you just put a metal bar securely fastened to the frame of your window and get some small pots colorful. These are ideal because they are lightweight and also very decorative. Having a kitchen with fresh herbs on hand so it is a privilege, you can grow oregano, basil, parsley or rosemary among other things.

This is another solution for those who like plants and lacks enough space. If you have a window with iron bars, you can use it to hang your plants. Use plastic pots resting on brackets securely fastened to the fence. The species chosen will depend on the orientation of the window, if you get sun at any time of day you can plant mint, thyme, chives, oregano and peppers. If you are interested in herbs can replace them with flowers of various colors to decorate and give a cheerful touch to your window.

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