Decorate your home with quilted upholstery

The moving van has been especially popular in recent years, although in reality it is an upholstery technique many years ago that all life had been used, as now, to provide an aspect of the most elegant and sophisticated.

upholstery decoration

But perhaps precisely this sophisticated look when we slow down to use in decorations for fear of having too high a cost to our pockets  The solution? Doing it yourself at home.

upholstery style design

  • Remove the base of the unit you want to renew. Put on a broad area in which you can work with ease and it eliminates any remaining tissue.
  • Take a piece of foam to cover the entire surface and mark on it the key points that will be sewn buttons.
  • Glue the foam on wood base and grápala around to ensure that is fixed and fluffy. Too boring after the padding as the points marked the beginning.
  • Place a fine white cloth to help sew the button holes to create the relief.
  • Take a generous piece of fabric permanently. Hold it with staples on the bottom of the cabinet.
  • To finish the design just need to paste the large buttons on the gaps.
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