Decorate your hallroom

The receiver must be that place that welcomes without a word to each person who comes to your home and that obviously includes you, which is why we bring you today a series of pictures to help you decorate your home according to your tastes but considering basics that will help you open the door and feel happy after a hard day of work.

Decorate your hall

In this picture you can see a small place can acquire the image of a receiver to give you the option to hang your coat, hat remove a guest and even her umbrella without using much space.

receiver decor idea

In this wider space allows more decoration, a small closet to store coats and objects, including a table with white shoe, a perfect rack for coats and a dresser in which you can store all kinds of objects, the wisdom of this decoration is the use of the same color to unite each of the furniture in one style.

hallroom decoration

In this hall image above a carpet welcomes and the right side of the front door furniture to put your coat, shoes and even the portfolio is right for decor here where black and white dominate furniture, dressers and shelves.

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