Decorate kitchen with wallpaper

Wallpaper are becoming more popular and longer reach to all the rooms of the house. While kitchens have never been used much for not being very resistant to moisture, and also not to accept either the cleaning, specialty papers now and here are vinyl type suitable for decorating kitchens.

Retro designs, as this fun printed paper inspired by the 70, with floral motifs, the style of the classic English country kitchens, or with abstract designs, there are many decorative options to choose from.

To decorate dining kitchen, wallpaper is a great idea because it lends an atmosphere that serves to separate the rooms. The rustic kitchens or cottages are beautifully decorated with wallpaper, and also the minimalist kitchens. Yes, it is better to limit only one area or a wall.

Here is another beautiful model vintage or retro role as prefiráis call, combined with a rustic style wooden shelves, the effect is most authentic.

And to brighten up the kitchen without having to fill it with pots, a role like this in which the shelves with utensils are represented with all its charm, will be perfect. Furthermore, these things simply do not have to remove the dust!

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