Decorate Carpet: Choosing a carpet for home

The carpet meets an interesting role in the home that warm weather is giving it. They insulate the cold floor, giving a feeling of warmth, you need to feel in every home. But they also function as a handy decorative item, so today we’ll show you how to choose a rug for the home.

It is the perfect choice for a makeover at the salon or dining room, as well as a bedroom, saving much more money than it would change the flooring material and of course giving a result not only much more functional but also easy to change.

The first is to consider sizes, shapes and textures. Know where you want to place, take steps to go to stores, to evaluate different ways, but mostly textures. The textures basically change the formality of the carpet, with some very elegant, very thin, or other more casual and textured gimmicky, like the cover. But there are carpets made ??from sheep’s wool, which are really nice, cozy, soft and insulating.

But the reality is that the most important, which ends defining a purchase, the color, for the simple reason that the same combination of colors or pattern you want for decor, should be combined with a whole that is the room; floors, walls, ceiling, furniture and ornaments.

The mixture can be subtle and refer to any element of space, as this carpet of keys, piano alluding to above it.

May opt for raw colors, soft textures to be barefoot, but without the need for such a decrease in charm neutrality, since it may have formats that are out of the ordinary.

If it’s for the bedroom of a child, the options open like a fan without end, and strong colors that make more land and animation formats as well.

If you want to have a decorative carpet does not absorb dust, because then opt for a synthetic fiber, but this if not do a special wash to protect against static electricity, you could spend for housing supply.

The combination can make furniture, or just the color of the wall, or ultimately be so subtle that only combine with an ornament on a countertop.

Elegance also be present through a classic Persian rug or any other classic that has different colors, but always with a dark color as the master.

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