Decor Concept | Paint the kitchen in pink

The pink has always been associated with girls and femininity, but in reality is a color that does not have to be used only to emphasize a gender. The pink is in, and used in pretty pastel colors can work very well in other areas of the house, even in the kitchen decor concept.

You can add details in shades of pink – Consider using a neutral color palette and add a touch of pink to certain objects in the kitchen wall on the counter, stools and some decorative objects. Concrete countertops and cabinets neutral color white, light pink gently reflected by the wall, creating an atmosphere soft and delicate.

If you start to decorate the kitchen from scratch, consider buying appliances in this color. A pale pink not saturate the space, however, will look great.

Another possibility is to use this color colorful cabinets. To achieve a balance of colors, the rest of the kitchen should be in neutral colors so as not to saturate.

To remove the excess pink that “femininity”, you can use decorative elements in other colors, that the “quenched”, for example, brown, blue, apple green or gray. Stainless steel elements bamboo curtains can also help make the kitchen look sophisticated and modern, making the rose loses its exclusivity gender.

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2 thoughts on “Decor Concept | Paint the kitchen in pink

  1. what is the color/brand of paint used in the kitchen w/ the hot pink cabinets above?! Where can one buy that paint?? Hot pink furniture paint is hard to find!

  2. I apologize, some of the images on this blog I take as an illustration of the contents of artkel, and we do not sell products in the article unless there is a clue where to get products that are in the picture, thanks

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