Curtains concept to apply in different environments

The curtains are without doubt one of the most important decorative home concept not only to work as a containment of natural light but also because they provide important visual details in the different spaces. Let’s see here some possibilities for application in different rooms:

  1. Living and dining: here can be used curtains wide, given the extent of these environments. Perhaps there may be limitations in the most minimalist proposals, where it will be necessary to use simpler and lighter shades.
  2. Kitchens: here the range is wide, from the rustic and classic canvas lace up or cotton that is used in more contemporary proposals. It is essential in this environment that the materials used in curtains have interesting conditions of resistance and are easy to wash.
  3. Bedrooms: these environments are ideal fabrics like satin, silk or satin, especially in rooms decorated with more traditional or classical. On the other hand, flax or cotton may be more appropriate in an avant-garde pieces, rustic or a more contemporary style. For children’s rooms can be ideal conditions for cotton resistance and washability.
  4. Bathrooms: There will be supplemented in these environments are used curtains on the windows and in the tub, so as to achieve aesthetic harmony. It is advisable that these curtains (in the case from those in the windows) are as simple as possible. For the shower curtain, we apply an internal curtain protection or as a backup water and moisture.
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