Creative decor: for the kitchen

The kitchen has always been a very important point of the house. It prepares a meal which is then brought to the table, so one must spend much time on it. Given these circumstances, the kitchen has taken on elements of the room and the dining room to create a space in which to meet, while a kitchen. And finally to the point where the same decor became a point to be considered within the home.

at below here are some creative ideas and photos, on how to decorate the kitchen.

To start we recommend making your kitchen a place of exposure to the visitor. For example if you collect anything in particular, why not expose it there?, Whether books, or can be a collection of fine wines or decorative cloth or whatever. These function as a counter of his collection as well as decoration of the space.

You can also use shelves of glass, these have many different textures and ultimately common glass. In other add accent luminaire within the shelf and the night will be a real show.

If you have not much space for decoration, then you can choose to use open shelves and the colors of the dishes and the symmetry game offers both functionality and decoration.

Finally, in the corner devoted to breakfast, afternoon tea and snacks, you can hang a billboard or a board on which to leave reminders to different family members or numbers of relatives and vital services as police, fire and medical, as well as the list of homework and who you are.

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