Create your own headboard decor

You can find dozens of styles of headboards in most furniture stores, but why not try something a little more original? This proposal is very easy to do, but more important is the unique style and personalized service that you can give your bed and not get in any store.
A header that reaches almost to the ceiling, is destined to become the focal point in any room, giving character to your decor.

Let’s see what materials you need: first a tape measure, a carpenter’s level, a pencil, a square, masking tape to mask, latex paint in two contrasting colors, brush, stencil to your liking, spray adhesive stencil, and a finer brush to apply the paint in the stencil.

From the base, measures the desired height of header and mark two vertical lines on the wall, aligned with each side of your bed. Use the carpenter’s level to keep the lines horizontal. Now measure and mark the desired width of the header at the top, using squad for you to stay a perfect angle. Apply masking tape on the outside of the marked lines to the edges that fit you perfect.

Apply two or three coats of primer, let dry after each hand. Remove the tape. Spray the adhesive with the stencil and place it behind at the place where you have planned your design in the paint on the wall once it is completely dry. Dip the brush in the paint and apply contrast slightly from the center of the crop area of ??the template to the edge. Eliminates the stencil carefully and let the paint dry, lets improve ourselves for decor concept.

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