Colors and decorations: key elements in the decoration

To achieve a well-lit space, organized and simple in its design, there are some issues that are important. If you to remodel any room of your home, this article will help. Note the indications expressed here to take your decor to a new reality.

Consider the following tips to get the place and start enjoying your home:

  1. The most important thing is to make contrasts between the colors of the wall and furniture colors. If you use furniture with bright colors, we recommend a clear paint on the wall. Pay attention to the example shown in the picture above. The range used is light green in combination with a pastel blue in all its ornaments.
  2. Another highlight are the objects and accessories. Simply place a picture, bring life to your room. Use textures and materials that stand out and be the center of attention. If your walls are smooth and dull, a good example is to incorporate a large picture or a series of frames of equal size. In the picture below we can see the style to which we must aim for when decorating the room.

Should be encouraged to use original colors, unusual and personality. Supplements should be in contrast with the colors of the walls. Bear in mind that with few resources will achieve a very special decoration. Only by choosing colors that complement and accompany the decoration objects get excellent results.

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