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What is a marquee?

An element of wood, metal or brick that is built as a protection on a door, can be main facade, garage door or accessory. This is a small roof over the door that can be of different shapes and materials. When is supported by two columns is a porch.

Marquee Benefits :

  1. The canopy adds elegance to the façade, extending it optically. It also protects from too much sun, rain or snow, you can always leave the house without getting caught in the rain. By protecting the front door of rain and snow prolongs the life of the materials.
  2. In England the dynasty of the Tudors ruled from 1485 until 1603, in the Tudor style, the use of shelters was characteristic. Tudor houses are famous for their half-timbered, steep roofs and small windows. Canopies with two columns could be sustained by ground or anchored to the wall.
  3. The use of canopy spread to Europe and the United States. Today many homes are using the shelters but now with new designs and lighter materials. The function is the same protection, sun and rain, easy installation.
  4. There are shelters wooden garden are divided by cross so that this space is covered by vegetation.
  5. Solid wood awnings
  6. Shed shelters
  7. Awnings aluminum and polycarbonate transparent
  8. You have them anchored to the wall or even some columns are in a panel windbreaks to prevent wind and rain. Homeless shelters are the most suitable for the garden and then be covered with vegetation, but a gateway to better a marquee with a wooden board or acrylic transparent.
  9. Unobtrusive design adapts to any kind of facade and aesthetics as well as we protect against rain and wind.


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