Bonsai and other mini stuff

The culture of the “mini” is imposed on a society that lacks the space you’d like. This time, I give you ideas to decorate your humble abode with these miniárboles, which also decorate, purify the air (which is much needed in the city) and do not take up space. Perfect.

Decorate with Bonsai: Why not decide on a bonsai to decorate instead of floral arrangements? Select them they are eligible for Plantaren pot and, above all, suitable for indoor use.

  1. Technique: The technique consists of cultivating bonsai trees in pots. Its size should be reduced by pruning and care. Its size should be reduced by pruning and care.
  2. Tree types: Those with small leaves or fruits naturally be easier to maintain.
  3. Ideas: Pick a mini fig, a mastic or a laurel. You can place them in a glass container that allows you to see the land, offering a vivid contrast between the brown and green of the leaves.
  4. Mastic: very resistant shrub that requires minimal care.
  5. Higuera: As bonsai requires much care, but it is beautiful.
  6. Laurel: It is often pruned in spherical or pyramidal.

Another option is calluna decoration. A bush outside but you can use as a garnish bicolor stems. It has small branches slender pink flowers that contrast with the deep green of the stem. Choose containers low and neutral colors to give greater prominence to the bush.

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