Black walls decoration

The idea of painting a room in the house of black may seem more suited to a Gothic style decoration of something that will bring distinction in our home. But for something black color is the color of elegance and intelligence can be used with a touch of class and sophistication to any wall of our house.

Here we give some tips to integrate with confidence this color with other decorative elements :

  • Do not overload this color space, we must take into account how well we can paint and what not. As a general rule think that the best may be one or maybe two walls of the room you want, otherwise it would overwhelm both black.
  • Do not just use a black completely flat on the wall, check out different finishes and patterns as opposed to the matte painting. Play with contrasts of the room decorative items and furniture and give him a lot of life to stay.
  • You can use this color wherever you want, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, etc. but always taking care not to abuse it.
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